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The eyes are considered the windows into your pet’s health, as they can tell a lot about how they feel. For example, if your cat or dog is sick or has a fever, their eyes may be dull and runnier than normal and have more mucous. A thorough ophthalmic exam can help detect diseases before other significant clinical signs are present.

Animals are very inquisitive. They often investigate by sticking their heads where they shouldn’t, which can lead to scratches on the eyes. To detect this damage, a fluorescein stain is applied to the cornea’s surface and then flushed. The stain adheres to the scratched portion, which helps to determine what type of eye medications to use.

Another informative eye test we use at Fondren Pet Care is for glaucoma, where we test for intraocular pressure, or the pressure of the fluid behind the eye, using a Tonometer, an eye-pressure pen designed solely for use with animals. Glaucoma, or high eye pressure, occurs because of genetics, trauma, and age.

For specialized eye-care cases, we can also can refer you to local board-certified veterinary ophthalmologists.

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