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Due to the increasing and constantly changing requirements and uncertainty of government regulations, Fondren Pet Care will no longer be issuing health certificates for the foreseeable future.

Before you travel internationally or to Hawaii with your pet, you may need special documents, vaccinations, and microchips.

Documents for Interstate Travel With Your Pet

Most states require a:

  • Health examination and health certificate completed within 30 days prior to entry, signed by a Florida-licensed and federally accredited veterinarian. To find an accredited vet, you can search the database on the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) website.

  • Requirements for current rabies immunization for dogs and cats vary from state to state. You or your veterinarian can obtain up-to-date import information by contacting the state animal health officials.

Special requirements for quarantine are necessary if traveling to Hawaii. Procedures to minimize the quarantine period require testing for rabies immunity. Learn about Hawaii’s animal quarantine procedure.

It is also recommended to check well in advance with commercial airline, train, or ship companies that you intend to use, for any applications, fees, and paperwork they may require.

Documents Needed for International Travel With Your Pet 

You will need to meet the requirements of the country of destination, which may include:

  • An application for import approved by their consulate

  • An international health certificate from a Florida-licensed and accredited veterinarian

  • Possible testing and vaccinations

  • Endorsement of papers by a USDA/APHIS Veterinary Services veterinarian

Information can be found on the APHIS website. In Florida, you can call the USDA/APHIS/VS area office in Gainesville at 352-333-3120 or the USDA import/export center in Miami at 305-526-2926.

For dogs and cats, arrangements and paperwork for travel to rabies-free countries, such as the United Kingdom, may take six months or longer and may include:

  • Microchipping. Fondren Pet Care offers microchipping services.

  • Rabies testing. The pet must be microchipped before or at the same time as when they receive the rabies vaccination. Read the rabies testing requirements for the UK.

  • Ticks and tapeworms. The pet must be treated for ticks and tapeworms not more than 48 hours and not less than 24 hours before being checked in for transport. The tapeworm treatment must contain praziquantel. Contact us to schedule an appointment.

  • Special import application. To avoid lengthy quarantine requirements, it is recommended you complete this document. It is important to also check with your airline or cruise line for special requirements well in advance of expected travel.

Pet birds may require quarantine at ports of exit/entry, which may require fees and advance reservations.