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How old should my puppy/kitten be to get its vaccines?

Puppies and kittens receive vaccines at approximately eight, 12, and 16 weeks. Find out what is involved in a regular pet-wellness exam.

Why is a series of puppy/kitten vaccines necessary?

The series of vaccinations ensures a good level of immunity in a young puppy or kitten. Once they are grown, they will need vaccine boosters but will not need to repeat the series.

I have an indoor cat. Why does it need vaccinations?

Rabies vaccines are required by law. Dr. Fondren will discuss your cat’s situation and vaccine needs with you during your appointment.

Is FIV in cats the same as HIV in humans? Can I catch AIDS from my cat?

These are two separate diseases. There have never been any cases of people contracting FIV or HIV from cats.

How can I tell if my pet has worms?

Certain parasites, such as tapeworms, are visible to the naked eye, but others must be detected under the microscope. If you will bring in a stool specimen, we will be glad to examine it for worms.

What are heartworms?

Heartworms are parasites that live in the dog’s heart. They are transmitted by mosquitoes. All dogs should be tested for heartworms annually and have preventative care year-round.

I forgot to give my dog its heartworm pill last month. What should I do?

Give the pill as soon as you remember. Call us to schedule an appointment for a fecal test right away and a heartworm test in approximately four months.

Can I get worms from my dog or cat?

Under normal sanitary conditions, no. But if people play or work in areas contaminated with feces, they can run the risk of contracting internal parasites.

My dog has been scooting its behind on the floor. Does that mean it has worms?

Scooting may be a sign of tapeworms but can also be caused by full or infected anal glands. Call us to schedule an appointment to have the anal glands and stool examined to determine the problem.

What do tapeworms look like?

Tapeworm segments look likes small, white grains of rice.

My dog has fleas. What should I do?

We recommend NexGard or Frontline Plus for flea problems. If the flea problem is severe, we recommend treating the house with Fleabusters powder or having a professional exterminator treat the house.

My dog has ticks. What should I do?

We recommend NexGard or Frontline Plus. If there are ticks on the premises, a professional exterminator may be needed as well.

What are Bufo toads?

Bufo toads are a common pet hazard in Florida. You should avoid letting your pet interact with them at all costs as the toxin can be deadly. Learn more about Bufo toads.

My dog keeps shaking his head and scratching at his ears. Can I come in and pick up some ear medication?

Ear infections can be caused by a number of different issues. Our veterinary team will need to examine the ears to determine which medication to use. We don’t prescribe medication without a diagnosis.

My pet scratches constantly. Does he have fleas?

Constant scratching can be a sign of flea infestation, but it might also mean your pet has dry skin or possible a medical condition such as an allergy or infection. If the scratching continues despite careful flea control, we recommend an exam to determine the cause of the itching. Learn more about dermatological issues.

At what age can I have my pet spayed or neutered?

Historically, at six months of age. However, the latest research shows that spay and neuter times should be decided based on breed, size, bone/joint development, behavioral issues, anatomical vaginal size, and urinary issues. This will need to be an individual discussion with your veterinarian.

Will my pet get fat if they are spayed or neutered?

No, excess food and inadequate exercise are what cause obesity.

How long does a female stay in heat?

Female dogs have a heat cycle that takes about three weeks to complete. The first cycle usually occurs between 8-11 months of age, typically during the spring and fall. Cats cycle at approximately 21-day intervals during the spring, summer, and fall.

How long does a female dog or cat stay pregnant?

The gestation period for dogs is about 62 days for dogs and 59-68 days for cats.

My puppy/kitten is losing its teeth. Is that normal?

It is normal for pets to lose their “baby teeth,” just like humans. Learn about at-home dental care for your pet.