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Fighting Pet Odors in Your Home

Ever walk into a house and know right away that they have pets even though they’re nowhere to be seen or heard? Pet odor is common, but there are many ways to handle it.

Most animal odors originate from their body or from their crate and/or litter box. It’s not the cat themselves that have odors, as they are fastidious self-groomers. Using scented litters or powders (we like Arm & Hammer Cat Litter Deodorizer), a hooded/filtered litter box, and daily cleaning of scoopable litter will significantly reduce the smell.

Proper placement of the litter box is also important. It needs to be in an out-of-traffic area for the cat’s privacy and out of sight from your company. Air neutralizers such as Nil-Odor can help for short-term fixes.

Dog odors, on the other hand, generally come from their bodies, such as their hair/fur, ears (due to an infection), their mouth (from tartar and dental disease), and even from anal glands (which can smell like rotten fish).

Body-coat smells can be combated with strong odor-stripping shampoos or frequent bathing with veterinarian-recommended medicated shampoos. Proper ear cleaning and medication can take care of smelly infected ears. A dental cleaning may be needed to give your pet fresh breath.

Anal glands are located around the rectum. They are generally emptied when your pet defecates, but sometimes they get stopped up or full. You may need to see your veterinarian for anal gland expression to fix this problem.

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